miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2024

Editorial by Edgar Ardila


I’m writing to you from my leather sofa, with a glass of what should be milk but smells suspiciously stronger. Let’s add a comedic twist to this trip across the United States!

From Florida: Greetings with a Flavor of Orange and Sunscreen! Here in Cape Canaveral, where rockets take off like my motivation to exercise (that is, once a year), I invite you to dream with the stars and live adventures that will make you feel younger than Hollywood’s botox.

From Houston, Texas: Hugs Bigger Than My Waist After Quarantine! In Houston, where everything is bigger, including my appetite, I’m sending you a hug so big you’ll need a map to navigate it. Come and enjoy the Texan hospitality, and don’t forget that the only ‘high’ we know here is ‘high spirits’!

From Colorado: Inspiration at Heights That Literally Leave Me Breathless! The mountains of Colorado are so tall that when I look at them, I feel like my phone looking for a signal. I’m sending you greetings from the heights, and remember: what goes up… usually needs a good rest before coming down.

From Maryland: Crabs &! From the charming port of Baltimore, I’m sending you a greeting as fresh as the daily catch. Come and capture with me the essence of life by the sea, and don’t worry about the crabs, they’re less pinchy than my humor!

From Washington D.C.: Greetings from the Selfie Epicenter of Politics! Here, where every selfie counts as a story, I’m sending you a greeting as monumental as my yearning for youth. Let’s document together the glory of American history, and let’s do it with flair!

From Cleveland, Ohio: the city of Rock and Roll, I’m sending you a greeting that will make you move your bones (with caution, of course). Cleveland’s got a beat that makes me feel young, even though my passport

So, what do you reckon? Will you join this old youngster on a journey filled with chuckles, escapades, and perhaps a wrinkle of joy? Pack your best jokes and get ready for the gig of a lifetime! With a chuckle up my sleeve and a grin on my mug, Your jesting digital

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