jueves, 16 de junio de 2022

#IPW2022: Boston


Boston is the capital and has the highest population in Massachusetts and, is one of the older cities in the United States. Its streets show the importance of Boston as a cot of the American revolution; there are a lot of museums around the cultural and avant-garde references and Boston es famous because then is located the impressive Harvard University, more fantastic American museums, and the Freedom Trail, an emblematic way between Boston that go by 16 meaningful places of United States history as churches, notable buildings, graveyards, and naval frigate. 

According to Visit USA, Boston can be considered as open an American history book when the tourist goes down the city and mix the culture, art, and education in the same place. 

A famous place in Boston is the Tea mutiny an ideal place to know all information about the politician protest before the United States' independence. In this place, people can board the ship where actors characterize historical personages and revive the moment that the tea was thrown by the gunwale in protest signal of American colonists against Great Britain, on December 16 of 1773. 

Also, Boston is a good baseball exponent because the city has a lot of teams such as the Boston Red Sox and in the Fenway Park, you can see the amateurs play this sport. 

Finally, in Boston is the Presidential John F. Kennedy museum where is found all information about the life and legacy of the 35 American president. 

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