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Washington, DC is a hotbed for trending movies and TV shows. Explore the most recent thrillers, comedies and action on the big screen and find out where visitors can explore the scenes depicted on their own with a visit to the U.S. capital city.

Movies & TV Shows

Ghosted (2023)

Rated PG-13, 1 hour 56 min

An Apple TV+ original, this romantic comedy, action-adventure story follows Chris Evans, a grounded, “salt of the earth” man named Cole, who falls inconsolably for Sadie, played by Ana De Armas. Cole then discovers that the only thing standing between their second date is that Sadie is a Secret Agent for the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Chaos and adventure ensue, taking them across multiple cities, including a heavy stay in Washington, DC. From the trailer alone, viewers experience sweeping views of the National Gallery of Art's West Building dome, as well as the Lincoln book tower inside Ford's TheatreThe National Gallery of Art offers free admission and holds the only Da Vinci work in the Americas. Ford's Theatre puts on regular shows and offers a museum and historical tours.

Rustin (2023) (Self guided tour)

Rated PG-13, 1 hour 46 min

The powerful true story of Bayard Rustin, the openly gay Black Civil Rights leader who dedicated his life to a quest for racial equality. Colmon Domingo (Rustin) is the driving force behind the 1963 March on Washington, an extremely influential part of DC's history. In partnership with Netflix, an audio tour is available that details the march and takes visitors step by step through the events of that day. Visitors can listen to the original recordings from the march as they experience landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Statue.

Don't Look Up (2021)

Rated R, 138 min

This satirical black comedy revolves around two astronomers, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence who discover a comet on a collision course with Earth. As they try to warn the world about the impending disaster, they encounter various obstacles, including skepticism, political maneuvering, and media censoring. During their plight, their travels take them to the White House to meet with Madam President (Meryll Streep) who brushes them off without a second thought. The team finds themselves traveling to DC to confer with politicians more often, as tensions rise and the comet draws closer. International visitors can inquire about a White House tour through their embassy. The White House can been seen from the outside without a booked tour, and the White House Visitor Center is free and open to the public.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Rated PG-13, 2-hour 31 min

The sequel to the 2017 film "Wonder Woman,” this movie follows Diana Prince, portrayed by Gal Gadot, as she encounters new challenges and adversaries. The central plot involves an ancient artifact known as the Dreamstone, which grants wishes but comes with unforeseen consequences. As Diana Prince works at the Smithsonian Institution in DC, and certain pivotal events occur within the city, the film maintains a connection to the broader Washington, DC universe. The portrayal of iconic Washington, DC locations and the integration of the city's- iconic landmarks contribute to the film's link to the nation's capital. All sixteen Smithsonian Institution museums in Washington, DC, including Wonder Woman's “employer,” the National Museum of Natural History, are free and open to the public.

The Post (2017)

PG-13, 1 hour 56 min

A historical drama film that depicts the true story of the Pentagon Papers scandal. The film follows Katharine Graham, the first female publisher of a major American newspaper, The Washington Post, played by Meryl Streep, and the newspaper's editor, Ben Bradlee, played by Tom Hanks. When The New York Times publishes classified documents revealing the U.S. government's involvement in the Vietnam War, The Washington Post faces a critical decision about whether to publish its own expos é , risking legal and financial repercussions in the process. Based around a true story, the film showcases one of Washington's most influential news sources and political scandals since Watergate. Pictures of the trial can be found within the Library of Congress, and the full Pentagon Paper's report can be read on the website of the National Archives, located in Washington, DC.

TV Shows

Designated Survivor (2016-2019)

Rated TV-14, 40 min per episode

A political drama follows Tom Kirkman, played by Kiefer Sutherland, a low-level cabinet member who suddenly becomes the President of the United States after an attack during the State of the Union address kills everyone above him in the presidential line of succession. It is heavily centered around Washington, DC, as it explores the intricacies of American politics, government institutions, and the challenges faced by the president and his administration. Throughout the series 3 seasons, a dramatic portrayal of the nation's capital is shown, paying homage to most of Washington, DC's most well-recognized landmarks such as the Washington Monument. The monuments and memorials in Washington, DC are free and open to public viewing. Visitors can book a free timed ticket to go to the top of the Washington Monument for beautiful views of the city.

White House Plumbers, TV Mini Series (2023)

Rated TV-MA, 55 min per episode

This limited series on HBO MAX follows the story of Nixon's political saboteurs, E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson), G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux) and their families, as they accidentality topple a presidency, leading to one of the greatest political scandals in American history. White House Plummers is a satirical drama that is based on true events and entirely set in Washington, DC. Through dry, hilarious humor, the series details the events that went on inside the Democratic National Committe at the Watergate complex, a landmark item on any District tour. Visitors can stay at The Watergate Hotel and can request the Scandal Suite – the original Room 214 - used in the 1972 Watergate break in. This room has been decorated in collaboration with Lyn Paolo, the costume designer for Scandal and contains items from the Watergate Scandal period.

House of Cards (2013-2018)

Rated TV-MA, 55 min

A political drama series that follows the ruthless and cunning Frank Underwood, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, who, after being passed over for the position of Secretary of State, decides to manipulate his way to the top of the political hierarchy in Washington, DC. With the backdrop of iconic Washington, DC landmarks and an insider's view of the U.S. Capitol Building, the show captures the essence of the nation's capital while delving into the often-unforgivable world of politics. Visitors can tour the U.S. Capitol Building by booking a free timed ticket.

The Night Agent, TV (2023)

Rated TV-MA, 55 min per episode

Based on a novel by Mattew Quirk, this series is the thrilling story of a low-level FBI agent (Gabriel Basso) who works in the bottom of the White House monitoring a phone that never rings...until it does. This phone call leads him on a fast-paced adventure and a conspiracy that can be followed all the way up to the Oval Office. The first season was actually filmed in Canada, with Vancouver acting as Washington, DC, but visitors can experience real-life locations in the city, from diffusing a bomb in the metro, to walking through the Georgetown library.

Blacklist (2013-2023)

Rated TV-14, 45 min per episode

A crime thriller television series, the show follows Raymond "Red" Reddington, played by James Spader, a former government agent turned high-profile criminal who voluntarily surrenders to the FBI. Red offers to help the FBI track down dangerous criminals and terrorists from his "blacklist" of individuals he has intimate knowledge of, but only if he can work with Elizabeth Keen, a rookie FBI profiler with an unknown connection to him. The show takes place primarily in Washington, DC, with many of the high-profile targets making the nation's capital their home. Whether it be corrupt politicians hiding in plain sight, or criminals in the depths of the city, DC is shown off throughout the plot.

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