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‘Canción 2’ is the fourth single released from the highly anticipated album 'Hotel Caracas' by the Venezuela-born and Miami-based Latin GRAMMY®Award-nominated diamond-certified duo Mau y Ricky. A song that brings us a soulful and easy sound that goes straight to the heart.

With carefully conceived vocal arrangements, steady drum beats, atmospheric synths, and a unique flow, the song feels like a single breath, full of fresh air. As reflected in the lyrics: "Estar enamorados hasta envejecer" (Being in love until we grow old,)‘ Canción 2’ is a seamless fusion of urban and contemporary sounds with a touch of timeless romance.

For Mau y Ricky’s fans, this song comes at the perfect time to make us vibrate with the unique and powerful sound of Hotel Caracas, ready to revolutionize the sound of Latin pop. In ‘Canción 2,’ these talented brothers demonstrate their musical mastery and strong connection in crafting songs and singing together.
Following the narrative line of the three previous tracks, ‘Canción 2’  is accompanied by an official music video. In this third chapter of Hotel Caracas, our protagonists arrive in the city of Caracas after their adventures in the countryside, where Mau y Ricky meets a group of young Venezuelans.
The video starts with a voiceover saying, "It's all about attitude. The willingness to see what others don't see." As the narration unfolds, we see Mau y Ricky in urban scenes within the bustling city of Caracas, where love can be found in every corner. It’s a sweet, chill, and emotional journey exploring the city with its Cafes, barbershops, bustling streets, and abundant smiles. The video concludes as they step through a doorway into a new chapter.
‘Canción 2’ leaves you eager to listen to the rest of the album, just in time for them to unveil the tracklist, which includes exciting features with Arcángel, Guaynaa, or Ilegales.
Here is the full track List:
1 - Muriendo de Miedo
2 - Pasado Mañana
3 - Canción 2
4 - David Beckham
5 - Glock
6 - Vas a Destrozarme
7 - Gran Día feat. Guaynaa
8 - Wow
9 -  Fetiche
10 - Manera Linda de Morir
11 - Hasta Olvidarte feat. Arcángel
12 - Espectacular feat. Ilegales
13 - Fkn Mentiroso
14 - Amarte Tanto
15 - Karma
‘Hotel Caracas’ is released under their new independent label, Why Club Records, in collaboration with Warner Music Latina. It features production by Malay, who has worked with artists such as Frank Ocean, Lorde, and Fletcher.
The album features 15 songs, music videos, and a documentary showcasing the brothers in a new musical light. ‘Hotel Caracas’ is their ultimate tribute to their homeland, Venezuela, with a great mix of acoustic, pop, and funk worked entirely with acoustic arrangements and a top-notch production.  The album is now available to presave HERE
This talented duo is versatile and creative and exudes a wonderful positive aura that resonates in their music. Get ready to listen in full to Hotel Caracas, their "boldest, brightest, and biggest statement yet."

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