jueves, 25 de abril de 2024

IPW 2024


Oakland Restaurant Week takes place in March every year and features more than 160 restaurants in Oakland. With multi-cultural restaurants celebrating global cuisine – you can eat your way around the world all while staying in Oakland. From local gems and family owned legacy favorites to Michelin and James Beard recognized restaurants – Oakland is a foodie playground.

Oakland STYLE

Oakland STYLE takes place October 9-13, 2024. The annual event is five-day celebration of music, art, fashion, cuisine and culture found only in Oakland, California. With style maker sessions, musical performances, art walks, fashion shows, designer inspired, Haute Couture to thrifting shopping experiences – Oakland STYLE is not to be missed.

Oakland Cannabis Trail

The Oakland Cannabis Trail is a historical, colorful travel adventure with unique retail and cannabis centric experiences for both the cannasseur (a well-informed cannabis enthusiast) and the canna-curious (one who is discovering the world of cannabis). Developed by Visit Oakland in collaboration with cannabis travel enthusiasts and select Oakland retailers, the Oakland Cannabis Trail offers a curated, immersive trip through The Town's diverse neighborhoods. The trail provides visitors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse themselves in Oakland's history as they explore premium cannabis retail shops, restaurants, local attractions, and sensory activities including hand selected art exhibits and outdoor adventures. Featured on the trail are seven cannabis shops that represent the deeply rooted past and innovative future of cannabis in Oakland. Blaze the Oakland Cannabis Trail today!

Oakland Vegan Trail

There is quite the movement happening in Oakland, and this one is totally plant-based! The Oakland Vegan Trail highlights the vibrant vegan food scene in Oakland is like nowhere else, and it continues to rapidly expand and evolve. It's exciting to see pop-ups and caterers and food trucks open their first brick-and-mortar locations, and we're not just talking about salads and seitan! Oakland is all about diversity, with many Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), women, and LGBTQ owned businesses. You'll find vegan Creole dishes with housemade Louisiana links, and taquerias with their own “carnitas,” ramen and noodles, vegan cherry cheesecakes, and superlative matcha donuts. So many creators are making their own plant-based burger patties and innovating new proteins, and you'll feel a personal connection with many of the makers - you can really see and taste their pride in feeding their customers well. With 20+ vegan restaurants and Oakland-Made products to experience – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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