sábado, 18 de junio de 2022

#IPW2022 #VisitFlorida


Visit Florida again and again because it is much more than the beautiful sandy beaches, tastes restaurants, and fine or outlet shopping is right here also where you will have every day more fantastic entertaining activities for everyone, that's why we have in Mix News Colombia and A un viaje de distancia for you an approach for a breathtaking to extend a week or two your visit in Florid. 

We make it with the guidance of the authority of tourism, see the quick interview with Brianne Green that summarizes very clearly this special on Florida,  St. Lucie, Fort pierce around the area, called the real Florida all with local style and in the nice friendly smart southern hospitality!  

Thank you so much to Brianne Green and her team for her support and company with our magazine because without your help, we didn't build this interesting tourism special. 

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