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#IPW2022: Space Coast- Kayaking in the bioluminescent- Visit Florida


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And our trip continued in Cocoa Beach, a beautiful city located in Brevard, Florida. This city, famous for its beach and the surf was our house for two days. The sea in Cocoa Beach has good swell for practicing this sport. 

But Cocoa Beach also has different plans as Kayaking in the bioluminescent, an activity where the night is the perfect time for you can live a fantastic experience. 

The night is transformed and fulfill with adventure while people with oars move the water and the marine life begins to illuminate the dark place. 

We did this activity in Manatee Cove Park, which has a lagoon favorable for Kayaking, a launch site for canoes, picnic tables, grills, and a refuge for manatees. 

This activity is possible to make all year but when the weather is warm, you can see the plankton very shiny. In the months of cold, you can appreciate com jellies, gelatinous animals that float in the ocean. An example of this is the jellyfish with long tentacles and comb jellies that generate rainbow colors in the water. 

Each night, this tour Kayaking in the bioluminescent departs more or less between 8:30. p.m. and the midnight; in winter is only one journey. 

This experience counts with all safe steps but it is important that people follow the recommendations of the tour guide. 

More information: Kayaking in the bioluminescent,

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