jueves, 16 de junio de 2022

#IPW2022: Washington D.C


Washington D.C., one of the most important cities in the United States, was present in the #IPW2022.

This beautiful city is the federal capital of the United States, very famous for its emblematic places and important museums, diplomacy, and NGOs with invaluable resources for the democracy, culture, cooperation,  development, and diversity ranging on a sliding scale from alternative interest-free to closely associated with a government.

Among the most important museum that belongs to Smithsonian Institute is Air and Space Museum that have the greatest airplanes and space ships collection in the world. In this place was recorded the movie A night in the museum 2 with magnificent actor Ben Stiller.

The American History and Natural History Museums are two unmissable places and their collections have more than 125 million species of plants, animals rocks, and different human objects. 

The art lovings should visit The Corcoran Art Gallery, American Art Museum, Freer Art Gallery, and National Woman Artist Museum. In Washington, is possible to do tourist tours by bicycle, bus, walk, Segway, or in Dukw (amphibian vehicles) with a tourist guide or self-guided. 

Gastronomy also is an important attraction in Washington. There are a lot of different restaurants that vary between home food and sophisticated plates

Finally, culture has its particular space in Washington: concerts room, opera house, and theaters presents constantly the Symphony Orchestra, National Opera, and some choir groups. Theatre companies and DJs are presented in the diplomatic city for excellence.

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