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#IPW2022: Space Coast- Kennedy Space Center- Visit Florida


But the adventure didn't finish with the #IPW2022. Mix News Colombia and A un viaje de distancia complained to Visit Florida to reveal the wonderful destination and activities in this important state. We began for Space Coast. 

Space Coast is the perfect combination of sun, sea, and space that you should explore. We began our way by Space Coast with a trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex where Space Shuttle Atlantis is on display. 

Brevard County, Florida, is the home of the Kennedy space center visitor complex once in a lifetime opportunity to see it all day without finishing there where the missiles were tested from 

The first rocket launched at the Cape was in the 50s then like Titan's intercontinental ballistic missile program that quickly turns into a star the real NASA's Project Mercury and Gemini space flights as were Apollo flights using the Saturn I and Saturn IB rockets. so you will find out the very first rocket launched to last to send to mars one and going past thought the lunar apollo 11 and its moon vehicle, many stuff to close just for your eyes!

All-day to visit with tourist guide for understanding all the history fo the space program,  everything including very close to the ultimate shuttle that brings satellites to space or feeds the space station and also the private brand made the vehicle of those to travel to space at their own !!

Also, you can do and is great to enjoy take your time to enjoy the simulators of the travel which are made to you to feel the space gravitational move as similar to those astronaut feelings in the vehicle. that's totally unique!!!!

Kennedy Space Center was built with the objective that serves of launch place for the Saturno V rocket. Its name is in honor of President Jhon F. Kennedy and after to Apolo program, Kennedy Space Center has been used for all space missions manned from December 1968. 

This important place is located the northwest of Cape Canaveral 55 kilometers of long and around 10 kilometers wide. At the Kennedy Space Center, you can know all history of the space program in the United States, interact with astronauts, and learn how to eat, sleep and live the astronauts in space. 

Visit highlight attractions like Space Shuttle Atlantis, and Heroes and feel all adrenalin before the moment of launching a rocket so much from the Control room and in the simulator of flight. 

Versión en español, aquí 

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